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2011 at an event for his boss, former congresswoman gabby giffords. mr. zimmerman was one of six people killed in the tucson, arizona, shooting. gabby giffords and her husband, mark kelly, attended this one out a thin. we hear from house speaker john boehner, nancy pelosi, and arizona senator jeff flake. good afternoon, everyone. welcome to the united states capitol. before we begin our program, all of you know about the tragedy in boston that took the lives of innocent americans and left many others in serious condition. so if you at all rise and join together in a moment of silence for the victims of this attack. thank you all. pursuant to house resolution 364, the house visitor center room 215 of the capitol visitor center has been designated to gabriel zimmerman meeting were. they are placing commemorative plaque that you all season. this meeting and is dedicated in memory of gabe zimmerman who was shot and killed serving the people of arizona, while carrying out his duties as an aide to representative gabby giffords. his dedication to community and to the democratic process inspire
in the head but gabbie giffords still appreciates guns. we vn exclusive interview. >>> a cancer survivor in trouble for this license plate. what do you think it means? you mere in the "cnn newsroom," i'm don lemon. >>> we're going to beginning with united states and china. this is the face-to-face visit that produced. this is the secretary of state john kerry on a diplomatic tresz in china. it's his first time in china in his position and he says no more threats back an forth. he wants a peaceful solution. what's the bigger headline here, that the u.s. sand china are in agreement or that china is creating some distance from north korea. >> reporter: it is absolutely that china is taking the slight step away from north korea. china is the hand that feeds north korea. it is the reason why north korea can exist. what the united states has focused on is if china can go ahead an use its powerful hand to slap north korea, then there will be peace in the region. that was the goal for john kerry. this visit critical for keemg peace in the region. listen to what john kerry said. >> we both stated
stunning escape. >> stronger, stronger is better. tougher. >>> that's how gabby giffords describes herself two years after being shot in the head. her recovery continues, but a new battle is just beginning. cnn's exclusive interviews with the former congresswoman. >>> it's the rant that rattled the sports world. what kobe a bript said on facebook about the injury that could end his career. >>> it's sunday, april 14th, good morning. i'm alison kosik. >>> and we begin this morning just hours away from north korea's most important holiday of the year, april 15th is the birthday of the country's founder kim il-sung. he died 18 years ago. now his grandson, kim jung-un has southeast asia and the world on threat. many wonder if he'll use his grandfather's birthday to make good on the explosive rhetoric. i'm joined by jim clancy. jim, any evidence at this point that the holiday could be the day that north korea puts its military might on display? >> no, there's no indication of that whatsoever. the rhetoric has been toned down. you know, in fact, the news of the hour is that as we have been waitin
york times." gabby giffords. now it's time for lawrence o'donnell reporting from boston. have a great night. >>> today the gun lobbyists at the nra got what they wanted on the floor of the united states senate and tonight lobbyists from the nra have made it harder for the fbi to find the murderer who planted the bombs here in boston. >> the investigation into monday's bombing in boston intensifies. >> there's a lot of information flying around right now. >> we've heard conflicting information. >> various media accounts right now as to whether or not someone is in custody. >> a suspect is about to be arre arrested. >> i have just been told that an arrest has been made. >> we are not comfortable reporting that. >> several law enforcement officers have told us that hasn't happened. >> on the record, there's been no arrests in the boston bombings case. >> here is what we actually know. >> investigators have identified solid leads from video evidence. >> investigators have obtained video. >> surveillance video specifically from a department store. >> the person placing a black bag down nea
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zimmerman. he was an aid to congresswoman gabby giffords. she was shot in the shooting in january 2011 where congresswoman gabby giffords was shot. he was killed trying to protect gabby giffords. senator flake showed up, spoke alongside gabby giffords and mark kelly at that event. these two spent the day rallying for the background check on capitol hill. jeff flake will block it from even getting voted on, thus far at least. the republican filibuster is due for its test tomorrow afternoon. watch this. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this is a reason to look twice. this is a stunning work of technology. the 2013 lexus es and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. governor of getting it done. you know how to dance... with a deadline. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. this is awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is, business pro. yes, it is. go national. go like a pro. yes, it is. are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sur
loughner the man who shot gabby giffords and others and another was a family member of a virginia tech victim. that is the kind of emotion you're seeing still it didn't really seem to get the senators, the ones they needed to get across the aisle. the reason you got a whole bunch of different reasons from some being lobbied. senator heler of nevada said he thinks it is too much paperwork and wouldn't get to the heart of the goal which was to be to curb gun violence. you saw jeff flake from arizona, very close with gabby giffords, they were lobbying him hard and he said this goes too far. some of those kinds of statements. let me tell you the raw politics. that is that there are a number of issues before the senate that some senators are going to have to take tough votes on. immigration reform and maybe not a vote but often times in terms of a position gay marriage. there is a feeling that some of these kind of middle of the roaders on the republican and democratic side decided this issue, this gun issue, there was too much risk and not enough reward to go ahead dean fi the nra lobby er
for responsible solutions, which is the gun reform group formed by gabby giffords and mark kelly released support for the bill put forth today, and it was a statement of support, but it ended with a warning that this group would communicate directly with the constituents of senators if they try to block debate on the bill. when gabby giffords and mark kelly formed the group back in january, they did it with the expressed purpose of taking on the nra, that was their reason, they said, for existing. now they are issuing warnings to lawmakers who do the gun lobby's bidding. the families of the kids and educators who died in the newtown massacre were also back on capitol hill today in person for a second day meeting with lawmakers. when, after meeting with the families today, senator joe manchin, who you see in this room, was asked how the families have impacted this debate, senator manchin got very emotional, was unable to answer, all he could say is i'm a parent, i'm a grandparent. in the debate over gun laws in this country, the professional gun lobby is no longer the only side. certainly, not the
for the update from augusta. >>> gabby giffords survived being shot in the head but she still has a deep appreciation for guns. >> aiming for my pot. whoa. >> we'll take to you target practice as the former congresswoman cheers on her husband. >> this is the same kind of gun gabby was shot with, a glock, a .9 millimeter glock. welcnew york state, where cutting taxes for families and businesses is our business. we've reduced taxes and lowered costs to save businesses more than two billion dollars to grow jobs, cut middle class income taxes to the lowest rate in sixty years, and we're creating tax free zones for business startups. the new new york is working creating tens of thousands of new businesses, and we're just getting started. to grow or start your business visit we believe it can be the most valuable real estate on earth. ♪ that's why we designed our newest subaru from the back seat forward. introducing the all-new, completely restyled subaru forester. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >>> as we cover the on going battle over new gun regulations, a powerful
. we're watching people walk out to the rose garden. there's gabby giffords who was badly wounded with a head wound back when she was pretty much assassinated, attempted as nation. then you see the father of one of the young kids who was killed. they're all coming out to speak. here they are. >> just four months ago, my wife jackie and i lost our son. and our children, james and natalie, they lost their little brother, daniel. daniel was a first grader at sandy hook elementary school. our sweet 7-year-old daniel was one of 20 children, 6 adults lost on december 14th. i have to say, it feels like it was just yesterday. in our deepest grief, we were supported by the love of our families and comforted by the love and prayers we received from millions of america. from every corner of the coun y country. what happened in newtown can happen anywhere. in any instant. any dad in america could be in my shoes. no one should feel the pain. no one should feel our pain or the pain felt by the tens of thousands of people who've lost loved ones to senseless gun violence. and that's why we're he
, arizona, the one that wounded congresswoman gabby giffords and six others. she grabbed the magazine out of the shooter's hand as he was trying to reload the weapon and that prevented him from inflicting any more carnage and he was subdued. that same patricia maisch was inside the senate chamber today as the gun reform legislation was moved into defeat. patricia maisch, thank you for being here. >> thank you, it's an honor to be here. >> did you know you were going to exclaim like that? >> i actually hoped i wouldn't have reacted in that way. i was just so angry after working monday and tuesday and part of today talking to senators about our experiences and how the second amendment can be preserved, as well as have this public health and safety issue taken care of, or attempted to stem the tide of violence with guns. >> i know that you were part of meetings with senators and their staffs. you've been here all week long doing that. when you were in those meetings, and i guess now reflecting back on what happened today with the filibuster, could you tell if you were having an impact, what
of the most prominent gun violence victims in recent years. former representative gabby giffords published a blistering editorial in "the new york times" where she called out the senate gun bills' opponents as cowards and i quote... and where the courage issue was concerned, one of the background checks bills' sponsors, west virginia senator, joe manchin, clearly seemed to agree. >> things don't go right in any election i get to go home. i get to go home to my family, my children, my grandchildren. i can't figure out when the facts are right in front of you to do what you need to do. >> john: families of the sandy hook shooting victims lobbied congress with the support of the white house. including the school-age siblings of 7-year-old daniel barden who died at sandy hook. >> i feel that we owe it to daniel because his life needs to mean something. >> he was just so thoughtful and he thought about everybody. he was always happy. >> john: kentucky senator rand paul who voted against the gun bills said wednesday he thought the families were being used. >> i know they're coming voluntarily. t
. it is appointment and anger over the defeat of every single gun bill. mark kell and gabby giffords are furious, and they are holding a news conference. if giffords comes to the microphone we'll have that for you, and the president and first lady are coming here to boston where in an hour an interfaith memorial service will be held to honor the victims of the marathon bombing. a major break potentially in this case. investigators want to talk to two people that they have pinpointed on surveillance video from a department store tape. we'll be covering all these stories for you today, but let's begin in texas where we're waiting for a news conference at top of the next hour on that massive deadly explosion at a fertilizer plant. it has leveled several blocks of homes and businesses. here's what we know. 5 to 15 people have been killed. rescue teams are still going door to door looking for survivors, possibly trapped inside their homes. three to five fire fighters who were among the first to respond are missing. more than 160 people have been taken to local hospitals, and president obama has opini
giffords last year, my good friend, larine jobs introduced me to gabby and mark and we instantly became friends. my wife and i started doing work on gabby and mark's effort which was then the institute for civil discourse but has now converted to being more active on the violence issues in america. because we are friends, i invited mark and gabby to our home for our holiday party, which coincidentally was on december 14th. when gabby arrived at my home and in my home that night, were literally the leaders of all of the great tech companies in the bay area. and we had our two great mayors, willie brown and ed lee. and the minute that they saw gabby they said ron, get everyone's attention here. we can make 200 people be quiet. we have to make a tribute to what happened today in sandy hook, and a tribute to gabby. and during that tribute which was pallpable, i could tell that the tech community was going to do something. and we did. on december 15th, we started an ad hoc committee of tech volunteers, many of them luminaries in the industry. and we convened three subcommittees that went to
. this as the senate begins debate on the gun bill. meanwhile, former congressman gabby giffords will be on the hill urging lawmakers to pass stiffer gun laws. lester? >> kristin welker tonight, thank you. >>> a program note -- savannah guthrie will discuss gun control, immigration and other issues in an exclusive interview with president obama that you can watch tuesday on "today." the weather seems to be caught between two seasons tonight in much of the country with a big blast of winter in the northern midwest and the threat of spring tornadoes in the south. watching it all for us, weather channel's meteorologist janel klein is in fargo, north dakota. looks like december where you are. >> reporter: no doubt about that, lester. three weeks into spring there is a winter storm advisory for the entire state of north dakota with heavy snow and high winds blanketing much of the midwest. parts of the state have already gotten more than 16 inches of snow in cities in western north dakota are pulling plows off the road because visibility is almost impossible. this is all part of a complex storm moving acr
and at gun shows.former congress woman gabby giffords who was shot in 2011, is expected to lobby lawmakers. nra members promise to challenge the bill.also-- landmark legislation on immigration could be unvieled as early as tomorrow. retailers are hoping warmer temps will prop up a spring sales slump. march retail sales fell 0.4% - the biggest drop in nine months.a cold snap, uncertainty out of washington, and a weak job market were to blame. "we've seen retailers see these ebbs happen. there's a lot of year left, so no need to panic. i think so long as consumers come back in april, retailers will go with their normal discounting plans." some economists expected a spring slump from sequester cuts and higher taxes.they say a boost in hiring and wages is needed for consumers to step up spending. citigroup reports earnings this morning... but it's already becoming clear, banks are enjoying a profit bounce.wells fargo posted a 22% gain in first quarter profits.wells is the largest home lender in the nation and made money by trimming expenses as its mortgage business finally showed a slow down.
former congresswoman gabby giffords and husband, mark kelly, and one of the things that they said, meeting behind closed doors with democrats yesterday was, if you're from a conservative state, if you're up for re-election, and this is not looking good back home, we'll campaign for you if you support it. we'll find out what happens later today. richard? >> tracie potts, thank you so much. >>> scotland yard is on high alert as margaret thatcher is laid to rest. we'll go live to london. >>> plus, former south carolina governor mark sanford is in the hot seat again. we'll tell you why when "early today" returns. here are some other stories we're following this morning. nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell reporting the gang of eight senators' new bill has been filed. the bill would create a path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented individuals currently living in the u.s. >>> former south carolina governor mark sanford is being accused of trespassing at the home of his ex-wife. he's ordered to appear at a hearing next month two days after a special congressio
flanked by former can gres woman gabby giffords had this to say. >> minutes ago 90% of the democrats in the senate voted for that idea it's not going to happen. because 90% of the republicans just goat voeted against that amendment. >> it failed by six votes. >> tonight los gatos union high school district officials say they are no grounds to expell three boys accused of sexual assaulting a school mate who later committed suicide. the district has been under criticism for the reaction before and after the 15-year-old hanged herself. the district points out the suspected assault took place in a party and was in the related to school. >> in oakland tonight investigators continue to piece together what led to the murder of a paramedic. five young teenager as rested yesterday on the day quinn boyer was buried. details are new at 5:00 for you. people are stunned by the ages of the suspects. >> that is the topic. everywhere we went, everyone just taken aback by the ages of the boys accused of murdering quinn boyer. >> these are things we're trying to interrupt cycles of violence and povert
: gabby giffords, who has personally lobbied senators, called the failure to pass expanded background checks unthinkable. today being heard or consoled was not enough for patricia. tucson shooting survivor who shouted at senators, "shame on you." >> shame on you! >> order in the senate. >> they have no compassion. >> reporter: some newtown families held more private meetings. no media coverage. republican senator mark kirk's staff took these pictures. the latest nbc maris poll shows nearly 9 of 10 surveyed want tighter restrictions on gun sales. four republicans voted yes to extend background checks to commercial sales at gun shows and the internet. >> expanded background checks would not have prevented newtown. >> reporter: conservative opposition was strong. >> this is the first step in the erosion of our rights under the second amendment. >> we are trying to take it to the violent criminal. rather than taking it to the innocent second amendment law abiding citizen. >> reporter: usually a vice president arrives to preside over a winning vote. biden was here to witness its defeat. >>
are broken. our spirit is not. >> reporter: gabby giffords who personally lobbied senators called the failure to pass expanded background checks unthinkable, but being heard or consoled was not enough for patricia, tucson shooting survivor who shouted at senators -- shame on you. >> shame on you! >> there will be order in the senate. >> reporter: some newtown families had held more private meetings, no media coverage. republican senator mark kirk's staff took these pictures. the latest nbc/maris poll shows nine out of ten surveyed want tighter restrictions on gun sales. four republicans voted yes to extend background checks to commercial sales at gun shows and internet. >> expanded background checks would not have prevented newtown. >> reporter: conservative opposition was strong. >> this is the first step of erosion of our rights under the second amendment. >> we're trying to take to it the violent criminal than the innocent law biding second amendment citizen. >> reporter: usually a vice president arrives to preside over a winning vote, but biden was here to witness its defeat. >> the amend
is not. >> reporter: gabby giffords who personally lobbied senators, call the failure to pass expanded background checks unthinkable. but the consoling of a survivor, who shouted at senators. shame on you. >> order in the senate. >> they have no soul. they have no compassion. >> reporter: some newtown families had held more private meeti meetings. mark kirk's staff took these pictures. the latest poll showed nearly nine out of ten surveyed want tighter restrictions on gun sales. four republicans voted yes to extend background checks to commercial sales, at gun shows and the internet. >> expanded background checks would not have prevented newtown. >> reporter: conservative opposition was strong. >> this is the first step of the erosion of our rights around the second amendment. >> try to take it the violent criminal, rather than take it to the law-abiding citizen. >> reporter: usually a vice president arrives to preside over a winning vote. four democrats with red states with high gun ownership also voted no. >> kelly o'donnell reporting. >>> a new twist in the case of two assassinated
in the week ahead. gabby giffords is coming back towashington, d.c. lobbying to support the gun legislation they will be debating. she will attend the unveiling of a bust of one of the aides who worked with her killed along with five others the day she was shot in 2011. >>> former british prime minister margaret thatcher is being laid to rest on wednesday. and she will receive the burial service with military honors. she was the first and only female prime minimumser for for britain -- minister for britain. >>> the largest fund-raiser is the march for the animals sunday at druid hill park. this friday we will have a preview of the walk and what to expect if you go. but you can expect a good time. >>> it's monday, which means only one thing. dancing with the stars. everybody is talking about it especially some here in the studio who does the weather. tonight the pressure is on for the dancers. we will explain why and details how you can go to the final dance performance. >>> does that mean me too? >> that does not mean you. >> let's check out what's going on here because you need to down loa
sdpep that will not happen. the expected failure will be there despite appeals. gabby giffords and democrats yesterday showing brought support. it will be despite the fact that this morning democrats remain optimistic. >> i think there is significant momentum. you should have heard our caucus today. it was as moving as any i have been to. we got the votes and certainly we only have the wind at our back. >> the background check compromise fails and it has become the gun related primary. they released an online ad pegged to the vote in attacking the president in new york mayor michael bloomberg. they are expected to unveil a substitute amendment to ban legislation that preserves the second amendment and provides resources for mental health and safety that addresses gun trafficking and strong purchasing. there will be a vote on a carry amendment. the last time this came up in 2009, 58 senators voted for it and more democrats in the senate back then, but that represents a reduction on restrictions on firearms if it gets the 60 votes it needs. joe biden came close to previewing the
the senators refused to help. gabby giffords was there and she had also spoken with those same senators about being shot point blank in the head. but they still could not muster the courage to take action. in a scathing op-ed in "the new york times" giffords wrote that she was furious and quote, senators say they fear the nra and the gun lobby but i think that fear must be nothing compared to the fear that the first graders at sandy hook elementary school felt as their lives ended in a hail of bullet. i was elected six times to serve in the state legislature and then this i don't congress. i know what a complicated issue it is. senator from alaska voted against it and then released a statement saying it's dangerous to do any type of policies in an emotional moment. everyone's all worked up. that's now enough. yes it is. having 20 slaughtered children is not enough? come on. senator max baucus gave a little more contrite. he gave an one word response against the gun bill, montana. he does have a point. how many guns there are per each state. in the home state of montana with 120 gun businesses
and that in turn intimidated some senators. >> the president surrounded by the vice president, and gabby giffords and victims of the newtown connecticut massacre. you were an abc correspondent for a while, you got to know the president. it's rare in public we see the president show that kind of anger and emotion. >> anger and disdain, i would say. you saw him use words like shameful. saying that all in all, this is a very shameful day in washington. he used a word that is seldom used in politics, lie. people in washington say almost every possible%ka synonym for except for lie. but he said, he accused gun rights groups of lying about what was in the legislation. and he was -- his tone was angry, as you say. he was -- he had invested something in this legislation passing. >> it wasn't even universal background checks, it was a modified compromise that a conservative democrat, a conservative republican had put together. >> pat toomey, from pennsylvania, very conservative, and democrat from west virginia, both of them put this bill together. it was actually surprisingly strong. it would have requir
tires and heartfelt work to serve congresswoman gabby giffords in southern arizona. we are all traveling on the path to healing. we are naming this room as a tribute, a gift to gabe and to those who were tragically wounded, and those who lost their lives in the tucson shooting. but i think it's fitting we named this, in naming this place, gabe is giving us a gift, to come his name, his presence here would remind everyone walks these halls as a meeting of duty and of service. a passion to a cause that seems that we will all have more be grateful for, for gabe. two of my staff members worked previously, melissa martin and julie. they worked closely with good condition with a few other thoughts about him. i thought it would be appropriate to share them with you. melissa and julie told me quote we can't remember when we first heard the phrase what we did do? but it is a step that has endured as we work through casework at our local representation role. gabe was a staffer that we all strive to be. he genuinely cared for everyone that you wanted to save the world, one constituent at a time. he
. >> backed by gabby giffords and this put together. >> a lot of law enforcement. >> if you couldn't get over the finish line with the wake of the most horrific gun incident any of us can remember you have to wonder what the future of gun control in this country is, joe. >> absolutely. >> i got to say, mike barnicle, i'm not just saying it. most of the times, i know. when you lose, you lose. i agree with howard dean on this one. we have only begun to fight. this is just the beginning. with every violent act that occurs in the future and with guns being shipped from one gang to another, with terrorists going on the internet advertising how easy it is to kill americans because of our weak background check system, mike, has just begun. this will not end until we have a background check system that keeps our families and americans families safer. >> joe, two points here. one, a lot of analyst and a lot of news reports last evening and this morning are stating that the president suffered a defeat here with the failure yesterday to pass this bill. the president did not suffer a defeat. the american
joined by gabby giffords and some of the families were anger. >> all in all this was a shameful day for washington. >> reporter: afterwards the newtown families told us they were disappointed but determined. >> we don't have a political agenda. we just don't want other people to suffer through this. we want their passing to mean something, to have a purpose. >> reporter: james and natalie barden lost their little brother daniel in the sandy hook massacre. >> i feel that we owe it to daniel because his life needed to mean something. >> he was just so thoughtful and he thought about everybody. he was always happy. >> reporter: senator rand paul yesterday accused the president of using the newtown families as, quote, props. the families told us that that's just wrong. >> when people say we're being used, it's -- we don't understand it because it's just -- we don't want families to go through what we are going through. >> reporter: what do you say to those who say this is no way it's going to pass this was the best chance? >> we're never going to give up. >> reporter: gabby giffords has
majority to pass once you get passed the 60 threshold. and next week, former congresswoman gabby giffords and her husband, mark kelly, will lobby senators who might be on the fence about the bill. kelly has voiced robo calls congratulating toomey and manchin for their efforts. >> i'm calling to thank your senator, pat toomey, for working across party lines. >> those robo calls are going to over 185,000 households. voters in suburban philadelphia, chester, bucks county will hear about toomey's efforts. giffords will be at the capitol on tuesday with mark kelly to dedicate a room in honor of gabe zimmerman. that's the giffords' aide that was killed in the tucson shooting that injured her. new york city mayor michael bloomberg who ran ads targeting toomey are now running ads in support of him. have the politics of guns changed? yesterday we got an early taste that 68 votes in favor of debate does not mean gun legislation will have an easy time actually making it to the president's desk. >> i'm not going to be with the underlying bill. i don't agree with it. but i agree with the issue. and it
during a statement in the rose garden with newtown families and former congresswoman gabby giffords by his side. >> instead of supporting this compromise, the gun lobby and its allies willfully lied about the bill. they claimed it would create some sort of big brother gun registry. those lies up set an intense minority of gun owners and that in turn intimidated a lot of senators. this was a pretty shameful day for washington. >> it's been a while since the president has shown this level of anger publicly. he clearly doesn't believe he lost fair and square on this. the president previewed how democrats may end up running against republicans in 2014 trying to paint them as objects instructi -- obstructionists. >> i see this as just round one. >> lines are drawn on immigration. the senate gang of eight holds a news conference to formally roll out their bill this afternoon. opponents in the senate plan a news conference at the same time to launch their campaign to kill the bill. can't help but wonder does high profile debate of gun legislation affect immigration? with enough time and rh
by an outwardly angry president obama surrounded by newtown family members and gabby giffords. >> instead of supporting this compromise, the gun lobby and its allies willfully lied about the bill. they claim they would trade a gun register. that upset some and inn turn upset a lot of senators. this was a pretty shameful day for washington. >> joe manchin blamed its failure on what else? politics? >> if you're looking at it and trying to evaluate it, they're saying, well, maybe the immigration and maybe guns on top of that might be too much for me to go home and explain. >> politico's senior congressional correspondent is covering all thea on the hill. thank you so much for joining us. >> great to be here. >> so, manu, we're looking at immigration. the gang of eight came out today. obviously we have some bipartisan support. but then again we had some bipartisan support behind guns too. what is the conservative response been thus far to the immigration deal that we've seen now? >> it's been sort of mixed. i mean unlike six years ago the last time they did immigration reform, it died under a
is former chief of staff to congresswoman gabby giffords and now runs the group, americans for responsible solutions. and nia malika henderson is a political reporter for the "washington post." it just struck me this afternoon to hear rush limbaugh refers to the people who have come to capitol hill and are wonderfully moving around the hill right now with their wonderful green ribbons, he calls them human shields. in other words, they're just sort of props. >> well, i don't know that we can take seriously anything rush limbaugh said recently. >> you have to take it seriously because he has a bunch of naybobs and dittoheads out there who do. >> that's fair enough. the victims of newtown, it's impossible to call them shields. they are the faces of this tragedy. and they're the ones out there telling lawmakers to do something about it and to show the courage and do the right thing. >> do you think it's working? >> yeah. >> tell me how. >> we've had a great week. you know, last week the washington press was writing the obituary of the background check. fair and square, they were saying it's de
real problems. >> eleanor? the newtown families and gabby giffords are in the gun debate to stay and over time, their voices will be more powerful that be the nra. the culture of guns is beginning to go through a transformation in this country. >>> susan? >> i predict the senate will pass a limited expansion of background checks on gun purchases within the week. >> you approve of that? >> i, i don't approve or disapprove. it is going to be a very limited expansion. >> spoken like a true journalist. mort? the suggestions the federal reserve bank is going to cut back on the monetary easing is absolutely over with. they are definitely going to continue. >>> i predicted the stock market
caucus lunch a heroine, someone who was unbelievable, gabby giffords, struggle with each step, with every word. why? what did she do? she held a town hall meeting so she could bring government to perry her people in the most personal of ways, and someone was very sick, access to weapons and the rest we know. and in the name of those who were lost, gabby giffords and her husband mark kelly have been just truth tellers. these people, mark and gabby, they are gun owners, proud gun owners. they are not coming from a different place, and yet they are standing for sensible gun laws and i'm so grateful to them for dedicating their lives to this and i'm so grateful to the parents of the children and all the victims of sandy hook for putting a human face on these numbers. 175, what does that mean? but if you saw the faces, you would know what it means, and sometimes the wounds as we see with gabby are so hard to deal with. we can make it harder for people who are criminals who have no right to have a gun. we can make it harder for them by making sure they have to undergo a background check. and to
yesterday with gabby gifford, a woman who was shot right in the head by a man who shouldn't have a gun. but he emptied a 30-round clip in less than 30 seconds, killing six, injuring many more, including gabgy gifford. -- gabby giffords. in carson city, nevada, a mental lil man went to an ihop during breakfasttime and killed four people, three of them were national guard personnel going to work. he shot 80 rounds in 80 seconds. using three 30-round clips. limiting the size of clips won't hurt hunters and sportsmen, but it will save lives. i'm going to vote in support of the blooming that will-lautenberg amendment. in the case of carson cit city,e example i just gave -- let's talk a little bit about mental health. that incident at that ihop restaurant, it reveals a tragedy, of course, but also athe deficiencies in this nation's mental health treatment system. that's another part of our discussion about how to prevent gun violence. we've simply not done a good job providing access to mental health services. this should be a bipartisan issue going back many years it was bipartisan -- wells
about the people in arizona, for instance who know their congressman. gabby giffords had a community meeting, and others died there, and she was shot and hideous, hideous things. those people are thinking a little bit more. people in connecticut are thinking a little bit more. and connecticut, and you go on and on and on. and what we have to do is just keep forging a lobbying group who is forging horrible things out of this country. >> michael: we thank you our unofficial gun correspondent. earlier said it has been 241 days since newtown it has actually 124 days. which is even more shocking. today the most important story not being told. we'll pick that apart next right here in "the war room." ♪ (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything. ♪ >> michael: the senate's gang of eight unveiled its immigration bill today. it includes a path to citizenship for the undocumented workers who arrived here since 20
, he came out in the rose garden with gabby giffords and newtown families. one father said he is disappointed but not defended. and the president agreed with that. >> all in all, it is a shameful day for washington. this effort is not over. i want to make it american people, we can bring about meaningful change to reduce gun violenca so long the american people don't give up on it. >> the president said it is roundd one, though it is a round he lost. after the senate voted down one of president obama legacy items a spectator shouted shame on you as vice-president biden tryied to bring the chamber back to order. >> knowing they were likely to fail biden declared in a google hang out they will prevail eventually. >> a lot of guys and women say i will have to look the nra and gun groupps in the eye. that's true. you also have to look the parents in the eye. >> republican senator rand paul said the president overplayed his hand by using the newtown family. >> it is still saddens me to see them . i think that in some cases, the president used them as props and that disas me. >> tha
and gabby giffords, the president blasted those senators. >> we had an obligation to try. and this legislation met that test. too many senators failed those. i've heard folks saying the families of victims lobby for this legislation was somehow misplaced. a prop somebody called them. are they serious? do we really think that thousands of families whose lives have been shattered by gun violence don't have a right to weigh in on this issue? do we think their emotions, their loss is not relevant to this debate? so all in all, this was a pretty shameful day for washington. everybody talked about how we were going to change something to make sure this didn't happen again. just like everybody talked about how we needed to do something after aurora. everybody talked about we needed to do something after tucson. and i'm assuming that the emotions that we've all felt since newtown, the emotions that we've all felt since tucson and aurora and chicago, the pain we feel with these families and families all across the court who have lost a loved one to gun violence, i'm assuming that'
. >> this was a shameful day for washington. >> standing along side gabby giffords and families of newtown victims the president challenged the american voters to remember come next congressional election. >> you outnumber those arguing the other way. >> latest washington post poll shows 86% of americans support universal background checks but opponents fear would it lead to a national gun registry. >> there is a concern at some point maybe way, way in the future, the government would like to know where the guns are so they can perhaps confiscate them. >> four months after thes massacre not only did the ban go down but the vote requiring background checks came up six votes short. bruce cane says the bomb blast in boston could have played a part. >> of course the paranoid people want to keep their guns makes them want to keep their guns more. >> tonight the senator says she's disappointed and believes american people are head of the elected officials on this issue. she could have been talking about california which has background checks and assault weapon ban and a limit on the size of ammo clips.
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